A Poor Man's Journal

by Chris Chronic


This is the long awaited solo album from Divine Profitz member, Chris Chronic


released April 19, 2017

album credits:
Chad Ashwell (a.k.a.) Wick for killing every beat
Randolph Neblett (a.k.a.) Fan Ran for promoting
Brian Crawford (a.k.a.) Ben Official for promoting
Lee Kirby (a.k.a.) Swerve for recording,mixing,promoting
Anthony Gillison (a.k.a.) Ant for mastering
Ben Giles for recordind,mixing



Chris Chronic Richmond, Virginia

Chris P. a.k,a, Chris Chronic, current member of local hip-hop group Divine Profitz,has been blessing the mic since the mid 90's with original, thought provoking, conscious, anti-commercial, music and lyrics.

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